Lectures in Naturopathic Hydrotherapy

An in-depth exploration of the therapeutic applications of hydrotherapy in managing acute and chronic diseases. Authored with a focus on enhancing patient care and healing processes, this book emphasizes the vital role of hydrotherapy in alleviating extreme suffering and managing high fevers, particularly in young children. Originally published in 1988, this second edition, expanded by 66 pages, includes a new preface and two appendices. These additions cover fundamental principles of rational healing art and practical insights into fever management, making the book an indispensable resource for physicians seeking to integrate hydrotherapy into their practice.

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Homeopathy and hydrotherapy complement each other very well. In fact, Hahnemann dedicated the last paragraph of his Organon to the use of hydrotherapy in patients with acute and chronic diseases. In 1784, he devoted nineteen pages to hydrotherapy in his work Suggestions for the Treatment of Chronic Sores and Ulcers. In its introduction, he wrote, “If there exists anywhere a generally useful medicine, it is water. I could not permanently heal my patients of old sores without the use of a cold bath, and the cold in this instance seems to work not only by strengthening and promoting contraction but also as a preventative to the development of putrefaction.” Letters to his patients reveal that he regularly prescribed various hydrotherapy applications in his practice.

Hydrotherapy is very useful for easing patients with extreme suffering or for better management of very high fevers, especially in young children. It is also an important supportive therapy to enhance the healing process in patients with both acute and chronic diseases. Every well-rounded physician should know how to use hydrotherapy for these purposes.

The first edition of Lectures on Naturopathic Hydrotherapy has been in print since 1988. However, since the passing of its publisher, its publication ceased. As this book will always be needed, a second enlarged edition was quickly initiated by Dare to Know—Press of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy. The first edition has been enlarged by 66 pages, which include a new preface and two appendices. The first appendix, The Six Fundamental Principles of the Rational Healing Art and the Laws of Health and Healing, summarizes how to practice our healing art rationally and with certainty. The second appendix, Fever: A Comprehensive and Practical Overview, touches on many aspects of fever that all physicians should know and will be found indispensable to educating patients.

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