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Research Developpment for Pure HomeopathyResearch Developpment for Pure Homeopathy

An Advanced Home Study DVD Courses in Pure Homeopathy for Professionals

If you are interested in Hahnemannian (Pure) Homeopathy, this is a unique opportunity to greatly improve your skills as a homeopathic practitioner. You will derive enormous personal satisfaction as you are able to help patients with the safest, most effective and deepest acting medicine of our time.

List of the DVD Courses available
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Contribute for four R&D Projects in homeopathy
Dr Andre Saine

"Each time I go back and review one of Dr. Saine's tapes, I am more impressed with the knowledge and insight that can be gained from them."
- Len Torok, M.D.

"The C.A.H. 3 year professional course is the best course that I have found. In it Dr. Saine uses his extensive knowledge of the homeopathic literature and his extensive practical homeopathic experience to teach homeopathy from A to Z. Much emphasis is placed on the essential art of case taking, and then case analysis. Polychrests are explained beginning with those most frequently encountered in clinical practice. Finally, there are excellent live cases on video with follow-ups and clinical subjects (Psychiatry, Neurology, Cancer etc.) This three year course has prepared me better for the rigors of professional homeopathic practice than any other course I have taken. I would recommend it highly to any serious student of homeopathy."
- Timothy Fior, M.D., D.Ht., A.B.F.P

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