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Illustrated Comparative Materia Medica Pura Part I  MMPP II
Taught by Dr. André Saine, D.C., N.D., F.C.A.H.

Offered for the first time in North America, this course compares and contrasts over 70 remedies, sprinkled with cases and anecdotes from Dr. Saine's clinical practice which makes the material come to life. Experienced practitioners gave it rave reviews when presented in Europe in the Fall of 2005, and since then many have claimed increased clinical success.

Practitioners using common homeopathic software will be able to readily use this new tool of comparative materia medica in multiple practical ways in their practice.

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Dr Andre Saine
Dr Andre Saine

Course: 24 hours
By: André Saine, D.C., N.D., F.C.A.H.
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Fees Courses VI and VII $400*
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Dr Andre Saine

"The course on materia medica was excellent, above all expectations. I came back with a huge motivation to apply myself and the clinical results are much more satisfying. Dr. Saine's incomparable knowledge of the materia medica and the reliability of his immense clinical experience clearly demonstrate how to practice pure homeopathy."
Beatrix Leifeld, M.D., Germany

"After all these years dominated by a more psychological approach to homeopathy, I rediscovered genuine homeopathy during Dr. Saine’s course. It was a relief going back to the source."
Daniel Kaiser, M.D., Germany

"E. B. Nash wrote: 'One remedy well studied is better than several not half understood.' If you want to have a thorough knowledge of materia medica and learn how to differentiate remedies effectively you should study with Dr. Saine. His method of teaching the materia medica is unique and inspiring."
Ralf Jeutter, Ph.D., RSHom, UK

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